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The Power of Attorney for Health Care allows you to appoint who you want to make health care decisions for you if you cannot. (Unlike other power of attorneys it is not about legal or financial matters.) It may be a member of your family or any one else you trust to speak up for you. This person, called your Health Care Agent is empowered to see that doctors and other health care providers give you the care you want and not give you treatment against your wishes. 

Your Power of Attorney for Health Care can direct your Agent to try to communicate with you about any decision, if you can communicate at all.  It may authorize your Agent to employ or discharge your health care providers. Your Agent can sign you in, transfer you, or discharge you from any hospital or medical care facility.  It may authorize your Agent to sign “Do Not Resuscitate” and other documents and releases required to accept or refuse certain medical treatments.



Although there are many forms you might use, it is best to use a competent attorney to prepare this document. Many forms, distributed by national groups, available for purchase online and in stores, do not have the required HIPPA language.  A competent attorney will not only have the language you need, but also customize your document to reflect your personal decisions about how you wish to be treated during this critical part of your life.  

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