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A Will is a document that sets forth your wishes about how your assets are to be distributed after your death. It is called your Last Will and Testament.

It must conform to all requirements of the law.  It must be executed with all the formality required by law. The requirements of law in each state are different. 

It is important that you have a competent lawyer prepare your Last Will and Testament.  It is one document that cannot be changed once it becomes effective, i.e. after your death.  It is extremely important that it is done correctly. 

Your Last Will and Testament is often the last important document you leave.  It can create a legacy.  It can create history.  Many people do not know that the Nobel Prizes for Peace, Science, Literature, etc. were created by the Last Will and Testament of Alfred Nobel. 

Your Last Will and Testament can be your legacy to your family, friends and loved ones.  It can tell them how you feel about them and what you want to leave for them. It can be an expression of your love and care.  You should be sure it is exactly what you want and is legally sufficient. 
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