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Most people prefer that their financial affairs remain private. The creation and funding of a trust can help meet this objective by keeping your affairs private. If you must probate to transfer property at death, the probate proceeding will be open to public scrutiny.

A probate proceeding is public.  The probated estate of the deceased person are listed.  The debts, expenses, taxes and claims against the deceased person’s estate are open to public view. 

A trust keeps the financial affairs of a deceased person’s property private. The trust must be properly prepared and funded before death to accomplish this objective. A properly funded trust can be quickly and efficiently distributed to the intended beneficiaries, especially if there are no estate taxes. 

If you want to keep your assets and debts private, a trust is the better alternative.  Just be certain your assets have been properly retitled to accomplish your purpose. If they are not, a probate may still be necessary to get the property into the trust.

A properly prepared and funded trust keeps your family’s affairs private. After death and payment of debts, expenses and taxes, your property may be transferred through your trust as you direct, privately, easily and without court intervention or public scrutiny.
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