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You’ve worked hard to build your assets. But what about your legacy?

Through the development of wills, powers of attorneys, advanced medical directives, and trusts, we will help you preserve your wealth and determine a future that matches your ambitions for the people and causes you care about.

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Perhaps you’ve thought about exactly where you want your assets to go after you pass away or maybe you haven’t considered it at all. Either way, a will is an essential legal tool for directing who will be in charge and where your hard-earned assets will go after your death.

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Determining where you want your assets to go and directing how they are to be managed is an essential part of designing a satisfying legacy. Establishing and fully funding a trust enables your assets to be transferred easily to your beneficiaries rather than going through the complications of the court system.

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Trust Administration

We can setup a trust to better manage your assets while you are alive and provide for a smooth transition of property to your beneficiaries after your life.  A trust survives you and can allow for long-term distributions that build intergenerational wealth and protect those you love.

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Power of Attorney

Life is often disrupted by the unexpected. It is vital to your future and your legacy that you empower someone you trust with a power of attorney to make the best decisions for you. Our team can set up the legal framework to authorize the person(s) you trust to act on your behalf in important financial and legal matters.

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Medical Directives

Medical care is intensely personal. But what happens if you are incapacitated and unable to convey your wishes to your medical providers? Let us prepare a medical directive that clearly states the type of medical care you want. Your directive appoints a person(s) to make medical decisions for you if you cannot do so on your own and ensures that your stated directives about the care you want are followed. Rather than leaving the choice to someone else, our team can create a medical directive that offers a legally binding set of instructions that will guide providers to make the specific choices that you have determined in advance.

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In many cases, where other arrangements haven’t been made in advance, the distribution of a deceased person’s assets happens under the direction of a court. These cases are often complex and confusing.  Our team can provide legal representation to ensure that the probate process is easier to navigate.

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